March 12, 2009

so yesterday was overall awesome awesome awesome. it was mikey & i's day off, woke up, made some tea, phone chatted with al for almost two hours, teddy came over, tattooed me (& i helped!) gave me a sweet red ♥ on my forearm and touched up 'peace' on my hand. they both look fabulous! teddy is sooo good! then mikey & i went to dinner at hot belly mama's and had some beers and good conversation; chit chatted about our dreams and how we're going to make them happen (some really exciting things! it makes me so happy to think about!)

today i have some things to do...get all my income tax stuff ready ($$$ can't wait. i've been thinking my tax return will be my first good chunk of money towards my camera...if not all of it, depending on how much i get back), stop by the noodle bar and pick up my t4, go to the gym, make a snuggli for jenny...oh ya and i work at 3.30

& tomorrow is pay day! & my other day off this week! & friday the 13th ; my lucky, two in two months! that's pretty crazy; lucky me!!

i love this photo...i took this in the summer though, many more rings added to the collection now...i'm thinking i need another hand.