March 13, 2009

happy friday the 13th! there's 3 this year...and my dad told me that only happens every 3 many 3's; my favourite number!! today i started my day with a cup of tea and a phone chat with my gramma so that was nice! other nice things, today is pay day and i got my $150 bonus (that you get when you've been there for 3 months) so that was nice & unexpected. lianne and i are hanging out tonight and going to wal-mart/value village (my faves!) i need to get some more crafting stuffs...i also made a small rva purchase from elsies cute shop! some cute sunglasses and vinyl stickers! i love getting things in the mail.
so whenever i have some spare time i find myself going through all the hundreds of albums of photos i have on my laptop. today i was looking through this one from august & september of 2007.
i miss the treehouse/treehouse times...

it was so sweet having a little place in the woods to go and hangout. i'm looking forward to it getting warmer & visiting home & the treehouse again.