March 15, 2009

this weekend was a lot of fun! we went out friday night and came back here afterwards, ended up having some people over and partying until six in the's been awhile since i've done that (& it'll be another little while before i do it again) work the next day wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be though so that was nice. last night we basically went to bed right when i got home from work as we were both so exhausted.
today i feel refreshed! i had a great sleep, the sun is shining and apparently it's really warm outside. i wish i had the day off to spend it outside after mikey gets off work. instead, he works til four and i start at four; bummer.

today i made this little guy for mikey. he drew him up and i turned him into a felt plushie! there's one check on my 'to do' just seems to keep getting longer and longer. that's okay, it's always nice having something to do!

i'm excited for next week. my mums coming to visit me on thursday. i hope the weather is nice :) i also have something exciting (for me) in the works, hopefully next week is when i can reveal what it is!

hope everyone enjoys today ♥