April 16, 2009

i decided that buying a piggy bank was silly when really, the point of a piggy bank is to SAVE money, not to spend it...so i covered this mason jar in blue felt and hearts and voila, a place to put my change! (sneaky too...no one would know there's money in it...just looks like one of my hundred button jars) ...except that i just announced it on my blog now, haha.
i love waking up to the sun shining...nothing is better. it's really really nice out again today. i hope this weather stays!! i'm going to the gym in a little bit and then for a walk i think; might as well attempt to get a little sun. i don't work until 3.30 so i have lots of time! i have tomorrow off so jenny & i are going to go for tea at some point, i'm going to work on a lot of tea party projects and then go for beers at the only with meg&katelyn later (patio ♥ peterborough is filled with good ones!)
okay time to get movin'