April 16, 2009

i had a great workout at the gym today. as much as i hate sweating (from the sun and being hot out) i looooove working up a good sweat at the gym, there's nothing better...well. there's a few things that are better, haha. i also love putting on really old songs that put me into a good mood and make me think of fun times in high school.

andy is so funny. she does this thing where she stalks me. i'm not sure if this is something that all cats do cause she's my first but she'll start at the end of the hallway or something (& i'll be sitting at my desk) and she'll slowly start to creep towards me...the second i look over at her, she stops moving (as if i can't see her when she's being still) when she finally gets the guts to 'pounce' she just like, comes up and taps my knee or something; it makes me laugh.

she also likes to sit on top of the t.v...even though we shoot her the "you-know-you-shouldn't-be-up-there" look. anyway, i'm going to bring some crackers and cheese out onto the fire escape and finish my book before work.