April 19, 2009

i still don't have much to say.

my sewing machine has not magically fixed itself and i am still sad. mikey & i woke up & got dressed (for summer and realized it was way chillier out then we percieved it to be) & walked down to pearl vision to get him contacts but halfway there we realized it was sunday and was probably (turns out, definitely) closed...so we'll go again tomorrow cause mikey needs his eyes! we went to speak easy for breakfast (so good but now my tummy hurts) i've decided i'm not going to the gym today as i just don't feel like it. i really need to wash our sheets but i think i'll wait until tuesday when i have my full day and don't start work til six. the other day at the only we were talking about theme parties, i haven't been able to stop thinking about them ever since. i want to have a hundred this summer...or attend a hundred this summer as apartments somewhat prevent you from throwing parties. i reallyreallyreally wish my sewing machine was fixed...i don't know what to do with myself. i need the moleskine journals i ordered to come in soon so i can get creative again. i'm in a bit of a creative slump...you'd think with all this sunshine i wouldn't be but my craft space doesn't get much sunlight; i wish i had a window right above my desk (wouldn't that be lovely...) i bought a book yesterday called 'beautiful boy' by david sheff. it's a true retelling of a fathers story whose son is addicted to crystal meth. i like reading books that are true...i get really into books anyway but when they are real stories, there's that much more emotion. & it was 3$ so that was rad.

i wish my extensions were the same colour as my hair...i really need my long hair back. i also wish my back would stop hurting...i mean, it reeeeeally hurts (couldn't have been from dancing. must have slept on it funny)

please start working sewing machine.

(this post was random and boring. my apologies to those who wasted time ready it)

edit//this song makes me so happy.

there was a sweet dance remix played at sapphire...i want that one