April 18, 2009

yesterday was a good day for eeeevery single little bit except for the part where i plugged my sewing machine in and nothing worked....

i'm not sure how to deal with this just yet.

so i will talk about happy things instead! like all of the other nice things that happened yesterday...had beers at the only with lots of friends (meg & i had the jumbo ones!) mikey & i had a delicious dinner date at hot belly mamas (i got my ribs!) then we continued the fun day with more drinking and dancing our butts off at sapphire room. today i woke up feeling a little bit sicky but mostly my back just hurt...must have been a serious dance move, lol.

anyway, i have to dry my hair and get ready for work.
i will post again when either a) my sewing machine is fixed and i don't feel like crying all of the time or b) ....um, there isn't a b.