April 30, 2009

last night we drank at union street for the last time as they are moving out of there tomorrow...(union was my first place when i moved to peterborough) can't say i'm going to miss it...though it was good for parties cause the place was a wreck, haha. we went to the trash for katelyns birthday. overall a very good night out! (i don't get out much...like out to the bar i mean) so it was a lot of fun! above are some of the photos i liked the best from the night...

also, i wore my $1 dress/skirt and LOVED it!
i love being a thrifty shopper!
(side note: the hat was not part of the outfit! haha)

i do not want to go to work today; i guess it's not so bad. i do have tomorrow off! wahoooo. i wish tomorrow was pay day (one more week.one more week) now more then anything i'm just excited to keep putting monies into my savings account and watching it grow grow grow!! feels awesome.
well, hope everyone has a lovely day