May 1, 2009

haha. longest kitty ever.
today i have the day off; wahoo! i have lots to do though;
+ clean the apartment (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom especially)
+ get some groceries
+ go to the scrapbook store (!!!)
+ finish up the inside of notebooks/mail out notebook orders
+ make some more (notebooks)
+ go to the gym
+ spend some time outside (so nice again!)
+ phone chats with al.
kyle is coming to visit on sunday. he's bringing me a new sewing machine (well an old sewing machine, but it's new to me!) this is perfect as mine as been broken for a good couple of weeks and it sucks. i have three snuggly orders and i haven't been able to make them yet :( sunday! sunday! sunday! i am doing really well at saving my money (i'm pretty good at spending it too...but i'm trying really hard cause it feels so good to have monies saved in the bank)
well, that's quite the list of things to do and it's already one o'clock,
better get my butt in gear!