May 1, 2009

cleaned bathroom - check!
cleaned kitchen - check!
tidied bedroom - check!
went to scrapbook store - check!
(got cute dress - check! ...was not on previous list)
mailed out journal orders - check!
got groceries - check!
went to the gym - check!
i got lots done today...and i still plan on getting lots more done tonight! mikey came home sick from work today...poor babes been sleepin' all day. i hope i don't get what he tummy has been a little upset the past few days (but really, what else is new!) um, i think i have a little obsession...with andy electric. i swear i take photos of her pretty much every single day. she just does the cutest things & get herself into the cutest poses...

if that's not the cutest thing you've seen all day then show me something cuter...i dare you! i'm so a cat lady...if i was single, i'd have a hundred.

so! new neighbours moved into the apartment next door. mikey says it's a couple of girls...i wonder if they'd like to be my friends? that'd be convenient. i hope they play happy music (unlike most of the music that our other neighbour plays) the walls are paper thin and we can hear eeeverything.