May 1, 2009

i made this journal tonight. within 5 minutes of it being put into the tea party facebook album of mine, it had sold! i've been getting lots & lots of people buying stuff lately which is really nice, it's fun to have a hobby you can make monies off of. i reallllly want to set up a website so people who aren't on my facebook can look at my things too but i just don't's not like i'm mass producing the things i make, ya know?

mikey has been sleeping alllll day; literally. he woke up for maybe twenty minutes and then went right back to bed...poor thing. needless to say, today was pretty lonely. as i mentioned before, i got lots done though.

ps: it's nights like tonight that i wish we had cable. save me from my boredom. also, i don't like the smell of my deoderant...i should never have switched from those yummy fruity ones.