May 3, 2009

the magic number is six.

six things i'm looking forward to:
+ my pay cheques (always)
+ when it's hot out (all the time) & i can wear dresses everday
+ my birthday (23!)
+ seeing incubus in july (♥)
+ summer nights
+ my hair getting longer...

six things i did today:
+ went to the gym
+ had lunch with my big bro
+ made lots of sales at work (comission = $$!)
+ looked after my sick boyfriend :(
+ thought andy was losing her mind
+ read trashy magazines

six things i wish i could do:
+ quit work & open a small business (that does well)
+ move to a place where i have my own crafting space
+ travel (lots!)
+ see erika & aly (it's been too long...)
+ make my hair magic and grow really long really fast
+ have a kitten who stays that teeny
(i also wish i could snap my fingers and make mikey un-sick)

six places i'd like to travel:
+ new york
+ san fran
+ somewhere hot (i don't even care where)
+ cali
+ japan
+ prince edward island