May 4, 2009

i haven't really had much to blog about lately...or rather, i just haven't been too much in the mood (a combo of both i guess) mikey is still sick and unfortunately i woke up today feeling a little funny too...i hope i don't get whatever he has. yesterday kyle came for lunch, which was nice! we went to old stone and i had a delicious mushroom and grilled chicken pizza (mmm!) he brought me my laundry which i had left at home easter weekend too (just the whites!) and the (new/old) sewing machine my mum is letting me borrow...i think she forgot to add the foot pedal/cords & manual for it though so i can't use it just yet (it's okay, she has a lot going on right now as my grandparents are moving into a home) he also brought me this (which is from the basement of my grandparents house)

it's perfect. it's an owl (which i obviously adore) and it was homemade by my mum! mikey & i still need to do some re-arranging in here...also need to make a giant trip to value village and drop a lot of stuff off that we don't need/have room for. speaking of not having room...oh my goodness. you should see the MASS amount of shoes we have in our front hall...we really need some sort of system for them cause they are getting out of control but it's hard when you're in a pretty teeny apartment. we need a whole other space for our clothes/shoes; we both have so much...too much, really.

okay, time to get ready. sorry i've been boring lately...i feel boring latley.