April 25, 2009

teacup stool? um, i need one!!
(they come in red too...*sigh*)

i am currently at the laundry mat...first time actually going to a laundry mat since we moved into our apartment (...in october) now please don't think that means we haven't done laundry since october because that would be disgusting. it means we usually do it for free at mikeys mum or i'll bring laundry home when i go home to pickering...our sheets & towels badly needed to be done though so here i am. and hey, how sweet is it that they have wireless internet?

oh ya. more news in the life of carly...i think i'm officially a grown up. want to know why? because i've decided that instead of buying a fancy nikon dslr camera like i desperately have wanted to since i was about...ohhh, sixteen? i have instead decided to put the monies i get back from my income taxes towards opening a savings account. i've had one for most of my life...until i moved out (really) on my own and have to pay for eeeeverything, now it's been a little bit harder to have one but i figure it's a perfect time to start with a big lump sum from my tax return. look at me, all grown up & making mature decisions.

...though a camera would have been nice.
like my dad said, i have plenty of time in life to buy a nice camera and he's right!!