April 25, 2009

i am officially obsessed with cute rompers like these;

i have a casual grey one but it's definitely an around-the-house romper, not a go out-in-public romper so i ordered this one today on ebay;

i'm definitely excited for it! i was cleaning out my closet today (& bringing out all of my summer things cause i think summer is finally here!) organizing all my dresses and things, and i noticed that i barely have any green in my wardrobe so this will be a perfect new addition!!

today is sooooo nice out. i couldn't believe how hot it was! first day wearing shorts this season...and i got to wear my new sandals!! well, time to eat some lunch and get ready for work :( i hate having to work on days like today. i just want to be outsiiiiide!! oh ya. i almost forgot...earth was amazing!! it was sososo good. it was verrrry cute. i was squealing so much at all the little baby animals (SO cute!) i think mikey was embarassed cause he kept shushing me. it was a very intense move and really makes you feel like such a small part of this world. it's crazy to think that there is so much more out there that most of us will probably never get to see or experience...i left feeling like i've lived in a box my whole life.