April 26, 2009

you know what i love? loving a song, forgetting about it and then listening to it on repeat for a couple of hours. i had forgotten how much i loved 'hometown glory' by adele and 'little bit' by lykke li...they both have such pretty voices. that and i loooove the words to 'little bit' it's really cute.

that and she's a super babe.

yesterday was hot out, i wore my overall shorts and got lots of nice compliments on them! it rained later on in the evening but when i was getting off of work at midnight, it was a nice light summer rain...and it smelled like summer and that made me smile.

today i am opening my savings account; feels pretty good!

working on more journals today/tonight!! post update soon.

ps: in the winter i was at value village and found a brand new pair of these rope sandals...i was with kirk&jeff at the time and they both made fun of me for getting them but i thought they were pretty neat! i've been meaning to check the tag (these are the exact pair i have) and it turns out it's a real company; Gurkees...they sell for like $30 and i got mine for $3.99