May 13, 2009

day off! woooo. i woke up around 10.3o so i didn't sleep the day away as i have things i want/need to accomplish! (already need to go over that again) ahahahahaha andy just tried to jump onto my desk from the table (like she always does) but she kinda slipped and hit her head...i don't mean to laugh but it looked really funny! just like the time she was spinning around (cause she's nutso) and she hit her head off the side of the wall and then was all out of it, walking around funny like she was seeing stars! hehe. anywho! i am heading to the gym soon...finally getting back into it. i made mikey promise me that he'd make me go today, i just have NOT been in the mood, but i have to; it's almost bikini season ladiiiiiies (totally kidding. i bet i'll be in a bikini like twice this summer...) yesterday mikey got some work done on his looks absolutely incredible. the detail is insane! it is of a jeremy fish painting and the detail is so exact...i will post photos when we have some :) teddy is an amazing tattoo artist!

well, i am off to start my day!

[for those animal activists out there, i am not cruel to my cat. i just can't help but laugh when she does crazy crazy things...which is a lot!]