May 11, 2009

i will let the photos speak for themselves...
(except it looks so much brighter/prettier in person!)

i will take more when she's all's all shiny & new right now. didn't take as long as i thought it was going to, started around 3.3o and finished around 7...then headed to mikeys mums place for mothers day dinner. oh! and we came home with a beautiful leather lazy boy!! mikey's mum is moving soon(ish) and getting rid of things i guess and we lucked out; big time! mikey also went for a ride on brys scooter (which will be mikeys in the summer) but is kept at robertas cause we just don't have the room.

bry took a cute one of the two of us on his camera but,'s on his camera. anyway, back to work tomorrow then off again...haha tough life! it was nice having lots of days off, kind of in a row (just the way it worked i had one extra, yesterday) i am soooo excited to sew sew sew ♥ did i mention my mum sent the cords for my sewing machine the other day in the mail? she did! and they arrived! and i am ecsatic!! dress making wednesday.