May 10, 2009

dear mum,

i miss you every single day. i think the hardest part of moving to peterborough for me, has been missing my family. i miss staying up and having chats with you, i miss having days where we'd spend hours upon hours shopping, i miss being able to just see you every single day and get/give a hug whenever needed...i miss that constant love that i took advantage of for however many years...and now when i look back i realize that i probably wasn't the easiest daughter to have growing up, that i could be pretty difficult at times...and there were times when i treated you like crap when you were just doing your job; you were just being my mum. it's funny because i realize these things now. i realize that everytime you told me to bring an umbrella (but i didn't want to JUST because you had told me to) that it was going to rain...that when you told me to bring a jacket because it was going to get cold that night, it always did...there were many times that i had wished you weren't right but you always always are. mums know best, and you always have my best interest at heart. you have always 100% been there for me, i've never felt like i could not come to you about a problem i was having or felt uncomfortable about certain issues. you have always supported me, no.matter.what.

today is the day to celebrate mums (though you should tell her how great she is everyday!) & i just wanted to tell everyone how incredible my mum is...she's my ultimate best friend and i know she always will be.
i wish i was there today to give you a big hug & a kiss and tell you that you're the best mum!!

happy mothers day mum
(i love you soooo much)