May 10, 2009

i have been cleaning all morning. i really don't mind cleaning...the end result is oh so satisfying. i want to keep going but next i would need some boxes. mikey and i are going to go through all of our clothes soon and pack up (probably a lot) of boxes and take it to value village. what we really want to do is donate it...for a third world country, but i don't know where i would take that; any ideas??
i just get in these ultimate cleaning modes. today i had to because the apartment was just getting out of control...i mean, out of control for me...probably isn't as out of control as some peoples version of it but there were lots of dishes, the bathroom needed a good scrub, there was something leaking out of the garbage in our hell hole (storage) which was stinking up the place and last but not least, my desk needed a little organization. the place looks great! (if i do say so myself...and i do)

(i love this. i got it from this store called 'fab' here in town...owned by this british man. he has the neatest stuff. lots of old timey, vintage things and collectable. i found this there in the winter for $25 & fell in love, it's from the sixties and reminds me of being a stewardss for air canada or something. inside there is a little mirror and the original keys too!)

now, time to watch one of the movies i got from the library and make something to eat. i can't say i minded taking today off (for dinner with mikeys dad tonight) as i got a lot done and tomorrow (my real day off) i will be getting needles full of pretty colours sinking into my skin...♥ <-- but really it's going to hurt.