May 16, 2009

i am currently baking blueberry muffins. i wish they were homemade like these little guys but i unfortunately do not make things from scratch very often (though i wish i did) last night i came home from work to some friends drinking beers & playing cards in the apartment; it was lovely to come home to. i love when we have people over (it's not super often) and the apartment is filled with smiling faces ♥ it's pretty gross out today, muggy and yucky. oh well, work in a little bit anyway. i hope monday is nice!

i haven't been sleeping all that well lately. i think it's because i've been over-thinking lately and seem to have a lot on my mind. i wish i could turn off my thoughts, even just for a little while; i don't think that's asking too much.

ps: i think andy's mad at me. i've also come to the conclusion that she's a huge bitch. the only time she is nice, is in the morning when you are either trying to sleep still or just waking up and SHE wants to cuddle...other then that, she's kind of crappy. i hope this is a face cause i don't appreciate being hissed at for no reason.