May 15, 2009

i will always & forever love a cup of tea...or ten.

even when i'm this old and have a hundred wrinkles & have to draw on my eyebrows...oh, that day is SO far off; thank gawd. speaking of getting older though, my birthday is now less than a month away...june 13th! i'm not sure why i'm a little bit more then usual, excited about my birthday this year. i think for me, birthdays are like new years's that time to start having new thoughts & ideas and taking action...and i feel like 23 is going to be a good age and a good year....just a feeling ♥

yesterday i made this pillow out of one of mikeys tees that didn't fit properly anymore and i think it turned out the best (other then the mickey mouse one, that is my fave) the graphic on it though was just perfect for a great it's red so naturally, i love it. oh & it's jeremy fish, who is awesoooome.

i don't feel like going to work today...of course i don't. when do i ever? but...i am lucky to have a job, i'm realizing that more and more. i found a really cute photo of a baby in a magazine yesterday that makes me laugh so i put that up on my desk so everytime i answer the phone it makes me smile.

(it was not this photo) i've always thought asian babies were really cute...but look closely, this baby has cellulite on his tummy...that's not right. i've never understood how babies (small little teeny tiny babies) can get this's a mystery! i do adore his little sausage arms though! oh man, i've found more & i must share...

hope everyone has a lovely day!