May 9, 2009

last night mikey & i went to hot bellys for dinner as we didn't want to venture too far in the rain and get groceries (haha) we were supposed to wake up super early this morning before mikey went to work to go grocery shopping but that didn't happen either...when it's poooouring rain outside, all you want to do is sleep. and i did. until two. luckily mikey came home for his lunch because i was still sleeping & have to work at 3.30!

i've had these weird chest pains since last night...i don't know what it was from and it's like nothing i've felt chest just feels really tight when i'm breathing...not the best feeling as breathing is kind of essential.

last night mikey & i watched the 'vice' (travel guide) movie, it was really really crazy and made me feel so so bad for having a toilet to pee in and clean water to drink. it's things like this that we don't even think about...until you see a movie like that. we are so obsessed by consumerism, it made me feel sick.

well, it's time for i am thankful i have a job to go to.

(ps: mikey's dad is in town! i get to meet him tomorrow and i'm pretty excited! for those who don't know, mikeys dad lives in B.C so he doesn't get to see him often...[it's been about two years] and therefore i have obviously never met him either...but tomorrow i will!)