May 8, 2009

this is exactly what i was thinking should be invented today as i stood in the pouring rain with a teeny umbrella that really only just saves your hair from getting wet...cause the rest of you gets entirely drenched. who invented the umbrella anyway? i'm sure there are much better designs that don't just cover your face/head...unless of course it's raining straight down and there's no wind...which NEVER happens.
(side note: it's thunder storming right now...sooo much lovelier when you're warm, inside and drinking tea with plans to read your book later)

you know what sucks? having a lovely afternoon of shopping only to realize that when it's time to go home/catch the bus, it's POURING out...not much i could do, i didn't want to sit inside somewhere and wait til it stopped so i put up my umbrella (with the fear of possibly getting struck by lightning but i figured it was sheet lightening so i was safe...that and i think getting struck by lightening is better then being soaking wet...i hate wet jeans!) anyway. you know what's awesome? chris vyn and raychel driving past the bus stop and giving me a lift home! hurray :) so. i had a successful shopping day. i didn't spend too much money which is good! i got an adorable clock at value village (photos later when i find a home for it) three pairs of hello kitty undies (!!) a brown&yellow plaid dress (with pockets...a must!) a neat ring (huge, of course) and a nice white, light summer v-neck sweater. and if i got anything else, i really can't remember...

i'm currently drinking some green tea & really wishing i could get the vcr running...i want to watch the greys episode my lovely mum taped for me. the beauty of having a boyfriend who works downstairs is, i can bug him with questions such as this whenever i need to. mikey&i are going grocery shopping tonight, making a nice dinner and renting a movie (we wanted to go see one but there aren't any good ones out right now...and we've already seen 'earth')

i love that bum. and that boy. so much.