May 30, 2009

lately i have been loving shelves.

so many neat ideas...i store away inspiring photos like these for when i have my own place and my own space so that i can do all of these things. the bad thing about loving to shop and living in a small apartment is that eventually you run out of places to put things. i need to do some serious re-organizing in my craft closet/on my desk as it's getting out of control. i think i will do this today before work. yep, i will find any excuse to not go to the gym lately (blah!)
i also need to put away all of my laundry from yesterday...i hate that part. going to the laundry mat and doing laundry isn't so bad, sorting the colours isn't so bad but putting the clothes away after...does anyone else hate that part?
on the plus side, smelling like clean laundry is great!