May 29, 2009

(things i love lately)

(thankyou to peter slack who introduced me to them!)
i adore finding a new band i can be obsessed with...
passion pit
check out these favourites of mine;
♥ better things
♥ sleepyhead
♥ smile upon me
♥ the reeling
(but really just check out all of it; it's great!)

lately i have been wanting somewhere to wear this dress to;
(no i do not own it...nor do i know where it came from...but how cute is it and how much fun would the party be that i could wear it to!?)

it's perfect!

also i have found a new blog to love;

it is by this super cute lady. she has the BEST wardrobe i have ever come across and i would love to play dress up there.

well, time to shower & pick up canvas!