June 27, 2009

last night was a lot of fun! we had some people over to our apartment before we went to see the rikers at the blue room. two of my good friends; colin & rusty are in this band and they are sososo good! it was their first show in ptbo (even though they all live here)...lots of dancing; which i loved! i always ♥ a good night of dancing...check them out...i swear you'll like them!!

anyway, so last night was so much fun. i needed a night out like that. this weekend i am working 2-12 (overtime) then monday, a regular 3.30-12 shift and then...AND THEN i have 3 days off; wahoo! i am looking forward to this. i hope the weather is nice, like it has been lately!!
i cannot believe it is almost july!! like most people i'm sure, june just FLEW by! lots of things to look forward to though;
tomorrow mikeys sister sara comes, with the kids
july 8th is mikeys 23rd birthday!
july 11&12th we're going camping at sandbanks
july 21&22nd we're going up to the cottage
july 30th incubus concert with the famjam!