June 28, 2009

happy pride!!
i never seem to get down to toronto for it...one day, one day! i think it would be oh-so much fun! & i love rainbows!! in fact, my best friend erika & i use to love rainbows so much that people thought we were lesbians...hehe!

also. i have become obsessed with this girl kaylahs flickr...i can't post photos of hers on here cause when i try to save them, they 'spaceball' meaning you can't save them...soooo you're just going to have to check her flickr page out for your yourself!!

that is my favourite...for obvious reasons!! it's just SO incredible. she also is like, the waaay cooler version of me. the 'me' if i had more balls to do things...aka: she has wicked tattoos, loves owls, cats, sewing, hello kitty and get this, she has 'cat lady' tattooed on her knuckles. haha, i want to know this girl. she also has a full owl sleeve & hello kitty on both her hips...too cute. okay, i'm done being a creep.

i wish so badly that i had sundays off. i don't think anyone should ever have to work sundays, it's mean...anyway, off to work...blah! two more (very full) days & then off for three, which are supposed to be rainy but that's a-okay with me...more reason to stay inside and get crafty!!