June 29, 2009

todays post is inspired by typewriters! my orange vintage zephyr sits on my desk...begging me to find ribbon ink for it so i can type so many letters. one day i'll find some and buy a whole bunch so i never run out!
old typewriter keys! textmessages on etsy

rpotterdesigns on etsy.

PoeticHome on etsy ($450) but oh-so cute! love the pink.

plantsandanimals on etsy

CuteAbility on etsy

AliciaBock on etsy

michelemaule on etsy

i even typed in a different font for todays entry (did you notice?)i am super excited for today. one more day of work and then THREE, count em...one, two, three whole days off! i have no plans for it and that suits me just fine. oh wait i lied...two things i must do;
i MUST go to the gym
i MUST make some cute things
...but that is all i'm limiting myself to. i can definitely get both of those things done...and anything else will be a bonus! sometimes i like not having a 'to do' list. it feels nice.