June 6, 2009

so, a beer at the only yesterday turned into a few beers at the only (& lots of friends) and then going across the street to ossia for jumbo coronas (only $5.75!) then we went to chris and rae's place for a lovely dinner on the picnic table in their backyard. oh & found out that the house/dog sitting starts this sunday! sooner then we both thought but that's awesome because i can't wait. they have the greatest house! it's going to be fun to play grown up for awhile and pretend we're older and it's our own house and dog (haha i'm so lame!) mikey is going to get the scooter from his mums place so he can pick me up from work on it, haha...awesome, can't wait! i'm a little hungover today, chris, mikey & i went to the only after dinner for a few more beers and well, i just don't really drink much anymore so six beers throughout the night does it for me now.

i love felt food! i just want a whole bunch...they are so cute

lately i have been craving sweets...as i just don't buy them anymore. donuts have always been my favourite and they were easily accessible to me in pickering cause there's nothing to do there so we'd always go to tim hortons for a coffee (aka: a green tea and sometimes a donut for me) but the timmys now is down the road and i've never been there yet. also...cupcakes! i've been craving cupcakes too. maybe i will make some as a treat for myself next weekend (birthday cupcakes!) hi julie ross ♥ [she's my own personal cupcake]