June 5, 2009

ya know what? today i wore my white denim and i liked it.
[ side note: reason why i was so afraid of white denim/didn't like it was because i totally always thought that i would get my period in them and be super embarassed...sorry if that's too much info...haha but it's so true! like i wouldn't be anywhere near close to having my period but if i wore white pants, i just knew i'd get it. haha, i didn't; wahoo! also i thought it would make me look really bottom heavy but since i've lost weight, i feel more comfortable. and really like these on me. ]

today i also went to y's buys & bought all this cute stuff for $3! gotta love sale days at thrift stores...

i have some ideas for these teeny tiny records!

this cute macrame clutch...it's actually pretty big!

and this little mug...i can't say no to mugs like these; i don't know why anyone would ever want to really. now i'm going back downstairs to meet up with meg&jess for beers at the only (duh! where else?) after that mikey&i are going to chris vyns place for dinner and a tour/how to on his house as we are going to be house sitting soon for two weeks while him and his wife are in holland. LOTS of photos will be taken...i ADORE this house.

hope everyone is having a lovely friday afternoon, i am ♥