June 5, 2009

warning: i'm feeling ranty.

last night mikey&i watched 'twilight' which i borrowed from a girl at work. i wanted to see it because i've heard sooo many reviews on it and i wanted to see what all the fuss was about...now, may i just say one thing what the heck was the big hype about?? either the book is really good or peoples taste has gone down the drain or maybe it's just not my thing but...i really didn't find it all that great. both actors are really awkward and intense but not a good intense, a weird/awkward intense (& i realize it was supposed to be like that, i guess...) but i just found it super cheesy and ya, didn't really like it much at all.
in other news, our lovely little cat, andy electric has been peeing and pooing everywhere. first it was right outside of her litter box, which was weird but we figured maybe it just needed to be cleaned...then this morning i wake up to mikey yelling at her because she's shit on his shoes (in the hallway...nowhere near the litter box) then we found pee on TOP of the litter box (?) and ya...not impressed. i google'd it and the first thing it said if your cat is not using the litter box is that maybe they have a urinary tract infection...well great, this means the vet and we all know what the vet means, money. money that i do not have.

[ dance break. sorry, i need to hear 'electric feel' - mgmt and stop being so ranty before i continue. if you're reading this, i'm not a debbie downer but i just needed to vent...ahem* sorry ]

annnnd i'm back. and feeling better. i made a cup of tea and put on my favourite of all favouritest songs (on repeat)...and i'm good :) you know what's really sweet? i found an entire flickr group for people like me, who like taking photos of theirs or other peoples feets/bottom halves: http://www.flickr.com/groups/elmundobajomispies the group name is in another language so i'm not really sure what it's called...curious though?

anyway. today i am off! i don't really have many plans either, which is nice. normally i have a ton of things to do. all i want to do is go to the library, get some more douglas coupland books (i am reading them all by the end of the summer) and have a good read outside somewhere sunny. it's gorgeous out. i need to head outside more. i think i will bring my new camera with me ♥
here is where i would like to be...

at the cottage. it makes me sad that we will no longer be going here...i don't think i've mentioned this yet. however, this is a cottage that my gramma has been renting since i can remember, basically making it feel like our very own. we come up here every summer...when we were younger it was for weeks at a time, since we've been old enough to have jobs in the summer, it was any weekend we could score off work. now it's sold to another couple who want it in the summers (how dare they, haha!) the nice neighbours next door have offered their cottage to my gramma but it will just not be the same...

i wish i was floating in an inner tube with my mum, dad, gramma & mikey (kyle too, but he wasn't there last year!) drinking coors light and listening to the wolf radio station out of my dads boat.