June 4, 2009

today i had breakfast with these cute boys (jeff&kirk) and then went to dreams of beans for some tea and more chats. i brought meg a coffee at plush and ended up buying white denim skinnies! do you believe it? i totally hated on white denim...that was before i tried on these moto's and reallyreally liked them! you can definitely dress them up too...and they looked super cute with a black tank and my beige $1 fedora...totally dug it, and $40? can't go wrong! haha...so i apologize to all those who i've ever said 'ew' to about white denim, as i now own a pair! (side note: i think i got the white denim hatred from my mum...who is probably reading this and thinking "oh dear lord, she bought white denim?" haha. they look cute mum, i swear!) now i am making something cute for someone special who has a birthday coming up (no, not me...) though mine is in seven days & i am SO excited as i have a three day weekend for it...♥!
ps: i just found these on my computer! it's my mum & her brother when they were little...how cute is this??

and this is me as a baby...i think we look alike, don't you?

[apologies for the flash] & ya, born blonde...what the heck happened?