July 23, 2009

the cottage was lovely. i think we got lucky and had the only two nice, sunny days of the week which we were incredibly thankful for as i think we would have cried if the weather had ruined anymore days for us this summer.

we drank lots of beer, sat in the sun, went for boat rides, played games, took lots of photos, ate delicious food and relaxed 'til our hearts content. it was lovely! my gramma even went out and bought my favourite dinner (cottage roll, potatoes and corn on the cob) while we were out having a boat ride during the first night as i had mentioned earlier that day how much i was craving cottage roll; she's the best!
i will post more photos later when i have some more time. i'm currently trying to finish up the ipod commissioned painting i am doing, i'm on a bit of a time crunch for it; it'll get it done though!