July 24, 2009

more cottage photos!

okay before i get started, i totally want one of these; http://www.photoshowercurtain.com/ you send in a photo and they make a shower curtain out of it! how neat? and the best part is, it's cheapest to get it sent to canada...how often does that happen? preeetty much never! i think i would wait until we moved (whenever that may be) to see if we would even require a shower curtain...otherwise it might be a waste of money. or a cool wall hanging? haha.
now without further adu...more cottage photos...not edited or anything cause i don't really have the time. off to the gym after...

mikey got his nose all burnt.

my crazy dad. i love this photo!

i love clouds!

favourite of the bunch.

eeee! so much fun!!
hope everyone has a lovely friday...and a nice weekend (if you get weekends off) i however am on day 2/6 of working straight...at least at the end of it i get to go home (wednesday to thursday) and thursday night my famjam & i are going to see
♥ incubus ♥