July 1, 2009

gimme! gimme! gimme!

all items from modcloth.com...damn that website!!
because i love the bows on the side!

because the colour is soooo good. and the bow is soooo cute.

because i love looking like dorthy apparently (i had an outfit on the other day, a top like this pattern and was wearing red shoes and sooo many people told me i looked like dorothy!) hehe

because it's summery and girly and oh so pretty!

because my boyfriend would love it!!

because they are super neat.

because i love crafting!!

because they would go with everything! and aren't super high...

because...because you're silly if you don't know why i would love these...owls & rainboots; perfect! they were made for me; duh!!

because it would make me feel pretty! & i love seafoam.

because they are super cute flats...and those are kind of hard to find sometimes.

because these are WICKED!! and like my black ones...but better cause they're teal!

because i would wear it everyday...seriously.

because it's just like my grey one and sososo comfy!!

because who wouldn't love this tee?? ice cream and hearts!!

because it would be perfect for the wedding i am attending in august.

because i was saying just the other day how much i wanted a rainy day tee and this one is so adorable!!

because the style is perfect and it would match my hair!

because it's like an overall jumper...perfect!

why oh why don't i make more money so that i can have all, or at least some, of these lovely things??
sidenote: i am drinking tea...with no a/c...silly me
(haha that rhymed)