July 1, 2009

um. what's better then cute kiddies & well...cute kitties?!

oh right. nothing.

today was a well-spent day! we started at the only, had some drinks with friends...went back to our apartment for a couple more and then walked over to mikeys sister&brothers place, spent some time with the kittens...ohmygosh. i don't know how i left, oscar is sososo cute. i just loooove him!! we went to mikeys mums place for a delicious dinner. mikey's sister sarah and her kids bryan and ava are visiting from australia. it's always fun when they come to visit (they did last summer as well) as we have cute kids to play with! and they are...soooo cute. they both have australian accents too; love it. looking forward to spending lots of time with them this summer!
time for bed...night