July 2, 2009

today is one of my bestest best friends birthdays!!
megs is 23 today and i have loved her since she was 17. i guess that means we have only known each other for 6 years but i can honestly say, it feels like forever. we started being best friends in high school...sometimes it's hard to keep best friends during high school as you're going through so many changes...but we went through them together and i wouldn't have wanted to do it with anyone else. megs & i remained strong bff's and she's one of my favourite people on earth. now that i don't live in pickering it's a little bit harder to stay in contact but whenever i'm home or whenever she has time for a visit, we're always there for each other; doesn't matter how much time has past, we always pick up where we left off. she is so important to me...and i hope that today, on her 23rd birthday, she knows that i am thinking of her and wishing i could be there to buy her a muffdive (shot!) ahaha.
i love you so much megs!!

we totally knew what was up...2004, gramma glasses at value village...we should have bought them cause we could have sold them on ebay for like $100 nowadays.

oooh. we loved the webcam! and each other

canada day 2004, i think! still one of my faves.

five years ago on my 18th birthday...huuuuge (new) piercings!

...i could have posted like a million more cause there are SO many but i will leave it at that. i hope you have a great birthday megs!!

so, right now i am sipping on a vanilla wildberry smoothie that mikey just taught me how to make...not difficult but he's usually the one to make them and i wanted one before he headed off to work; sooo delicious!!

so i lovelovelove getting snail mail! i got a package today; a really cute ring from etsy! i also got a little something for miss julie ross (your birthdays coming up!!)

alright, time to get my butt in gear. going to the gym today...getting back on schedule! then it's time to start getting ready for mikeys birthday. i have lots to do! we're having a party for him on saturday at his brothers place. i work til midnight (gross) but will obviously be going afterwards! i think richy is coming down as well :)