July 31, 2009

in reverse order, from last night.

haha typical matty at the end of the night.
lol; awww richy.

i ♥ these boys.

bff; kisses for carly.

we're not as cool as we look.

i looove chris kilmore.


oh baby. side note: thank GOD he took his shirt off this show...

like brother, like sister.

a certain shade of green.

omg. this is the best photo of the bunch. seriously...how good is this? and i was wasted. not bad if i do say so myself, haha.


another fave.

we had wicked seats.

kyle & i, at dinner before the show.

the best/coolest/sweetest parents you'll ever meet.
all photos posted on facebook. just chose the best ones for here!
last night was the best. hands down, THE.BEST! had a good dinner with the famjam on a patio in the molson amphitheatre, dranks lots & had good chats. i seriously have the best family in the world! honest to goodness.
so. the show was absolutely out of this world. not only did they play my three favourite songs; stellar, dig & aqueous transmissions (i would have been happy with just one/three but no, all three favourites...i actually cried when they started aqueous. that song is more like a religious experience for me) anyway, they also played circles which is my brother & i's song, haha ya...we have a song!i honestly couldn't have asked for a better night. some funny stuff happened as well...i'll save the stories for another time though. after the show, kyle & i went to the firkin to continue drinking...mmm, so much beer. saw lots of friends and ya, fantastic night. stayed awake until 5am, oops.
GREAT two days off...♥