August 1, 2009

omg! you HAVE TO check out this etsy shop; thelovelyteaspoon
not only is it an adorable name, she has the cutest stuff! & it's all really well priced too.

i just couldn't say no to the following things...

i ordered the 'OMG' cute are they??

another ring...i love that it's a key from a macbook.

& last but not least...a teacup ring; finally! i have been waiting to find the perfect one...and i have!

she doesn't JUST have rings either, lots of other cute stuff. i am just a huuuuge sucker for cute/original rings. love! love! love!

speaking of love...have i mentioned lately how in love i am? mikey is the sweetest boy. he was just home for a few minutes for his lunch break, then he went back out for a bit and came back just to tell me how much he loved me (again) ... i know.