August 2, 2009

photo credit: maria.see on flickr
(i realize after i found this photo through one of my many photo folders on my laptop that it doesn't really depict what i'm going to talk about in today's post as the photo seems kinda sad right? [i don't know, to someone maybe it's a happy photo] anyway!)
yesterday, one of my supervisors at work informed me that i'm going to be moving into the billing department soon (same building & everything) but do you know what that meaaaans? that means that i am no longer going to be working til midnight, i will be getting glorious (normal) day shifts AND weekends off. isn't that terrific?? well, perhaps not for you...but to me, it means the world...literally. my world had been a little less sunny lately as my lack of a life due to my job was really starting to take it's toll on me. i get my sanity back :) hurray!!
best news i have had in a long time. great timing as well. i won't go into details of being unhappy but let's just leave it at this, i was.