July 28, 2009

incase you don't know me as well as some do...my favourite band is incubus, i have seen them numerous times in concerts (most of those times with at least one member of my family as we're all big fans) and i am going to see them again this thursday night (with the famjam) & couldn't be more excited about it!!
it's been a long time since i've been to a good show and incubus allllllways puts on a good show (except that one time when brandon boyd didn't take off his shirt and like, he alllllways takes off his shirt when he plays shows. haha, kidding [sorta. it would have been nice to see his lovely bod] but, it was still a really good show!)

anyway! these two days off will be much needed...today ends my six day work week. i really REALLY need to find a job that gives me more time to spend with mikey, not just two hours a day (if we're lucky) and friends...who i really only get to see like once or twice a month (again, if i'm lucky) ho hum...such is life, right? well, no. let me rephrase that. such is MY life.
beautiful boys. make me realize life isn't so bad sometimes.
at least momentarily anyways.