July 27, 2009

lately my biggest obsesh has been finding canadian etsy shops to love. today i found this lovely lady from whitby!
check out this gorgeous jewellery by: kateszabone

i think these are gorgeous. obviously a little bit pricey just to buy yourself...but definitely gorgeous for wedding bands and such (not that i'm thinking about that...seriously) they are all just very pretty! & besides, i already told mikey that if he doesn't get me this ring (but in silver)...

then i'm not marrying him. haha. i think it would be awesome/hilarious to have a hello kitty engagement ring...or just ring in general that costs like $200-$500 but when people look at it, would assume that it's just costume jewellery like (most) of my other rings. but no, it would be super expensive! & sparkly! & pretty!