August 4, 2009

a few (random) things ♥

this is a photo of one of my best friends (aly) & her/my little sister (joey) in australia! i am sososo jealous that they got to cuddle this cute koala. doesn't he look so soft?? & aren't these girls beeeautiful?

is this not the most darling little thing you've seen in forever? this cute blogger; cakies made this for her daughter for her second birthday (side note: i would totally wear one if it was in my size) should check out her blog if you've never been, this lady has the sweetest life and the cutest little girls you will ever see, with the most precious names; brave & true.

& if it wasn't cute enough already, a little 'tattoo' sailor patch on the back.

& now for some photos from the weekend;
we went to coburg beach! finally! the beach...i was super excited :)

i love this photo of mikey. i love the pirate theme; his tattoo & headphones with anchors on them.

me, meg & colin (colin doesn't really do beaches...can ya tell?)
& yes, i was totally the palest girl there.

sunday night we went to the trash. this is colin serenading mikey, haha. too funny.

haha. this was great.
overall, a lovely little weekend. we had so much fun & took so many polaroids. i will try and photograph them sometime but pictures of pictures never turn out great with my little digi cam. anyway, lots to do today. off to the gym, then the library then the grocery store, then work!