August 2, 2009

more cute stuff from etsy.

these adorable print & pocket mirrors were found here at
tim's sally

i seem to love the ones with birds.

i think this is sososo cute!

okay. i adore this kitty cat pocket mirror.
just look at that wittle faaace!

eee! cute panda bear.

& a another pretty little bird...

so! i've been having some good luck lately...
about 15 minutes ago, they sent us home early from work :)
& tomorrow i have the day off (as previously mentioned) and am going to the beach and later that night, the drive in with some friends ♥ & tonight meg is gonna come over for some drinks & go out later! wahoo.
ps: HELP! someone who is good with bloggy type do i get it so that i can make the link under a word? like if i had the etsy name of the store availible (usually in another colour) to click on and it takes you right to the link instead of the link itself (which is kinda ugly)