August 12, 2009

i have a few nice things to share:

um, this AMAZING plushy dunny that becky made for me (we did a fun swap!) i am SOOO in love with it and i haven't even seen it in real life yet...i can not WAIT to get it in the mail; eeeeee ♥!!! it has C+M on it, for me& it's engraved in wood, awww.
(& a red heart, like my tattoo) ah, ohmygosh. i love itttt!!

mallory wrote a cute post about me on her blog dot dot dot which was sososo sweet of her!

sending things in the mail (i looove snail mail) & sent out some things yesterday.

(equally, if not better) recieving things in the mail. i got a cute package today from the lovely teaspoon which i was so excited to get! can't wait to show off the goodies that i got! (did i mention i love online shopping? so cheap too) & it even came in super cute packaging.

freshly dyed hair...mmm, red. no more brassy-browny-reddish faded-in-the-sun kinda colours. i love the smell of hair dye...after, not during (yuck!)

mum visits on saturday! (richy possibly visiting saturday eve)

day shifts...okay okay, i know...shut up already.

sunshowers! there is a super pretty one going on outside right now. i wish we had main windows in this apartment...i love sunshowers.
having a night to just craft & listen to music (= tonight) so i am going to go and do just that...
have a lovely evening!!