August 11, 2009

someone should be buy me this 'cause you love me. it's on sale for $40 and it's sososo cute.
please oh please?

oh hi! not too much new to report..i don't think i blogged yesterday; weird. probably because i blogged about 8402x over the weekend. training is going good. working normal people hours is great as well. mikey & i cleaned the apartment tonight which was MUCH needed and he just went to rent us a movie for the evening. this whole being home at night thing is strange, would it be wrong to say i'm kind of bored already...ahhh. kidding, kind of. i turned to mikey and was just like "so...what did you DO while i was at work?" the answer is mostly video games or hangouts. guess i better get into gaming. NOT!

ummm. or start crafting more? yes. much better answer. i agree.