August 6, 2009

myself, along with some other gals i know...enjoy photos like these. i am obviously not one of those girls who is afraid of feet or think they're gross. i actually think feet can be pretty darn cute...and we get to decorate them everyday with lovely shoesies!

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today has been lovely so far. i woke up, did my morning internet checks (facebook, emails, blogs) drank my tea and then went to pick up my hello kitty mouse for my laptop that came in today. i decided to take a break from the gym today as my legs are killlling me. i've been going super hard at the gym lately...time to do what i've been trying to do for quite some time now...and my inspiration? going away somewhere tropical in february with mikey...i have plenty of time so it's a reasonable goal and i'm working really hard at it.
i just had a nice lunch & phone chat with my mum and now i am working on a birthday package for some cute girl whose birthday is coming up soon (& is on the same day as mikey & i's year and a half!) i'll give you a clue who it's keeping with the theme from today.
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i have the day off tomorrow and am pretty excited for it! getting up early to go with mikey to his eye appointment/getting contacts which is good cause i have lots to do sleep ins for me!!