August 6, 2009

things i love (lately)

photobooth photos; this is me & julie of my fave gals ♥

this little girl. oh how i wish she was this small again..

this boy and this photo...(oh not to be confused with the title; i don't just love him lately...i love him all the time)

i would love to have this in our bathroom.
this girl has the best hair. i wish it was mine.

this room. it's sooo magical. could you imagine waking up here?

this little cookie jar i bought for 3$!

pastels ♥

a fresh&clean bathroom like this one...i long for day.

embroidery. i dreamt last night that i knew how...


shelves with cute things on them.

this photo. it reminds me of me in the laptop & my tea...oh ya, and i'm a bear ;)