August 30, 2009

today was pretty chilly...and i loved it! first taste of fall...perhaps? it IS almost september. wow, i can't believe it. summer's go by faster&faster every year it seems. not that i mind...i'm not much of a summer person anyway.

so i was at home this weekend...hence the no blogging. it was a nice time of course, went out for drinks with lots of friends on friday night which was lovely, saturday i lounged and relaxed (something i rarely do) got all caught up on my laundry and entourage. that night megs came over and we watched coraline (super cute movie! i really liked it) and today i didn't do a whole lot; went to go visit my gramma and had a nice dinner at home with my parents then for a walk with my mum. now i'm just waiting for mikey to come home from band practice so i can smother him in kisses.

hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

i start my 'new' job tomorrow at work...i'm pretty nervous.